Paul & Harry’s Wild Treks

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About This Project

Two young South African boys grew up in the heart of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, a rugged and largely untouched beauty spot on the continent of Africa. They return 20 years later to share their wildlife stories and experiences, as they jump back into the driving seat of their original 1942 beat up Willy’s Jeep and take the viewer on a Wild Trek through the Eastern Cape and beyond! They take the viewer on a behind the scenes wildlife experience like know other, accessing what the regular visitor could never, such as:

  • Rhino and elephant darting and carrying out DNA procedures
  • Working with Big Cats (Africa’s prime predators)
  • Game capture and relocation
  • Wildlife auctions
  • Anti-poaching and getting under the skin of the illegal trade in wildlife

The fascinating story of Dr Ian Player and how he rescued the rhino from certain extinction in the 50’s (Paul & Harry carried out one of his final interviews on the story of Operation Rhino, just before he passed away and they have to hand some exclusive footage filmed in the 50’s of the operation)
All this combined with spending time in the field with the interesting characters that make up this fascinating industry such as: the wildlife vets, ecologists, game capture teams, advanced chopper pilots, game rangers, anti-poaching teams and more! Aside from this they unearth some of the fascinating wildlife stories and encounters from the rich settler history of the region – after all…..this is where the world’s greatest hunt ever took place (over 20 000 animals were shot in one day), it’s home to Addo National Park where a soldier was tasked with shooting all the elephant out of the Addo Valley, his record was 10 elephants in 30 seconds! The history of the 1820 British Settlers is fascinating and they have the diaries of the Settlers at hand to share with the viewers. Aside from all of this they uncover quirky stories – the average South African doesn’t even know – in the 1600’s black rhino and Cape Lion roamed the slopes of Table Mountain!