About This Project

Mantis Media has unearthed the story of a new animal charitable trust that has been established in the UK by a wealthy individual with a real passion for conservation and animal welfare. A suitable piece of land is currently being sort and this will serve as the sanctuary for hundreds of abused animals (mostly domestic, but also wild). Mantis Media will capture the trials and tribulations of registering such a sanctuary in the UK, it will capture the highs and lows of developing the sanctuary and more importantly it will showcase the untold stories of hundreds of animal abused by man every day in this country.

Cases may include:

  • General animal abuse
  • Abandoned pets
  • Rescued animals that are not fit to be passed on as meat products
  • Wild/Exotic Animals (Big Cats) – the sanctuary will serve as a half-way house/rehabilitation zone for these animals before they’re returned back to their rightful homes

The current and now very topical issues surrounding eating less meat/better farm practices, the rise in vegetarianism and veganism along with the ongoing love of all animals makes such an establishment attractive in so many ways.