About This Project

We’ll be following primate experts Amy and Dave Robbins who are taking their two children on an extraordinary adventure in the jungles of South East Asia where they will take on the challenge of rescuing and rehabilitating endangered primates and other wild species.

The environments are a huge part of the story and the series will feature lavish and beautiful
shots that capture the drama and the detail of the jungle environments and the animals in it,
giving the series a natural history look woven into the documentary story telling of real life in the

Two F5 digital HD cameras will film the majority of the content with additional footage gathered with go pro cameras that will give Amy and Dave the ability to get footage in situations where a camera crew may disturb animals or interfere with rescue teams who are following poachers and hunters though the bush. Night vision cameras to capture nocturnal activity and motion triggered cameras in hides will capture rare footage of everything that happens in the jungle environment.