ST. HELENA – Unearthing a Forgotten History

About This Project

This Island has long been forgotten.

For centuries it served as a refreshment station for ships passing the Southern tip of Africa to access India (the Spice Route). The moment the Suez Canal opened this all changed and the island was completely forgotten. The island is also recognised for being the home to Napoleon who was exiled there over 200 years ago – it’s also where he later passed away and was buried.

6000 Boers were also exiled to the island from S. Africa during the Boer War – many of whom died there. The British Government are now developing an airport on the island and suddenly it is back and very much open for business.  As part of this show, we could follow the progress of the regeneration of the island and the plan to make it a viable and sustainable tourism destination. Perhaps include Ascension Island and its story too.